Home Insurance is definitely something every home owner should consider. Your home is the largest investment you will probably make. Protect your home today with a home insurance policy which covers the:

-The buildings

The insured value is to reflect the rebuilding cost of the property including fixed/permanent fixtures such as bathrooms, A/C`s, apertures, tiling, doors etc. In other words, items which you cannot take with you should you vacate the premises

-The Contents

The insured value is to reflect the current replacement value of all movable items in your property such as furniture, personal effect and sports equipment.

-Personal Items 

Jewelry is most commonly included under this section of the home policy.  Personal items may be extended to cover your valuables anywhere in the EU or worldwide.

-Third Party Liability

This section would cover your legal liability to pay for damages caused to third parties arising out of the ownership or occupancy of your home.

Most home policies would cover you for loss or damage to  your building and contents as result of the following:

-Strikes and Riots
-Malicious Damage
-Replacement of locks and keys
-Storm or Flood
-Escape of water
-Escape of oil or fuel oil from domestic appliances
-Falling trees and other objects
-Emergency Services and Home Assistance

If you have purchased a home, a buildings only policy is usually required by the bank.

A vast range of extensions available including cover for loss or damage to Christmas, wedding and graduation gifts, personal money,  pedal cycles, freezer contents and accidental damage to glass.

If your property is rented to third parties, a Commercial Home Insurance Policy will apply in this respect. This type of policy is more restricted than that of a normal home policy.

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