Are you seeking competitive rates for your car insurance? At MelitaUnipol Insurance Brokers we ensure that you are adequately covered from a vast range of car and motor insurance policies available in the Maltese market. Car and Motor insurance is compulsory in Malta, as in accordance with the law, motor vehicle owners must be in possession of a valid car and motor insurance policy in Malta. At MelitaUnipol Insurance Brokers we offer the following types of motor insurance.

  • Third Party Only:

This is the basic form of cover required by law. It covers damage &/or injury suffered by a third party due as a result of your negligence. No other cover is provided.

  • Third Party, Fire and Theft:

The same type of cover of (1) applies, however with the standard inclusion of covering the risk of damage suffered to your vehicle as a result of fire &/or theft only.

  • Comprehensive:

Traditionally known as “full” cover where both (1) and (2) above apply together with accidental damage to your vehicle. This includes:

-Storm and hail damage to your vehicle.
-Damage following earthquake.
-Free extended cover whilst abroad with your vehicle (usually restricted in number of days and subject to prior notification).
-Personal accident cover.
-Replacement vehicle.
-Cover for personal effects.

Discounts available
  • Restrict drivers to the insured only, two named or insurance and spouse
  • More than one vehicle
  • No Claims discount
  • Home discount
  • Voluntary excess discount (An excess is the first amount to settled by you when opening a claim. A voluntary excess may be applied upon renewal of your policy. Here, your excess may be voluntarily increased at your discretion in exchange for a discount on your premium.)

Roadside assistance may be automatically included in your policy or it may be included at your request. This depends on the cover you are insured for and terms provided by your principal insurer.

“Protected No Claims Discount” is another option which may be included under your policy. Most insurers require the policyholder to have full No Claims Discount (i.e.  a minimum of 5 years +) under their policy before this extension is applied. So your No Claims Discount will remain unaffected for the first claim during the same policy period. It is worth noting that “No Claims Discount” is tied to the person and may only be transferred between spouses.

The onus of revising the sum insured of your vehicle is on the policyholder. The usual procedure involves a revision of the value of your vehicle upon your request upon renewal. This usually includes reference to a vehicle market value guidebook provided by the Malta Insurance Association. In the event of a total loss, insurers will pay the market value at the time of loss or the value insured against, whichever is the lower. Should you not be in agreement with the indicated market value, we suggest the appointment of a qualified and approved surveyor to carry out a survey, at your expense. As insurance brokers, we are not liable for the estimated value provided.

We also offer cover for motorcycles, special type vehicles, fleets and Garage Hire / Self Drive.

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